Truck Safety
    -  ABS With Traction Control
    -  Roll Stability Control
    -  E-Logs  (Zonar)

    -  Zonar Fleet Management  

Shop Maintenance
     Our dedicated shop staff checks over our trucks and trailers on a weekly basis. This helps us keep      track of each and every piece of equipment. We also expect our drivers to notify their dispatcher      or mechanic about any problems they have. Most of our trucks and trailers are recent or current      model years (2015 or newer) so breakdowns are less frequent.

Driver "Classes"
     At PAC Freight, Inc. we are very dedicated to the safety of our drivers and others on the roads.      That is why we  do our best to keep our drivers up to date on all of the most recent laws and      regulations. We have mandatory new driver training and we keep our staff informed through      educational videos and hand-outs.